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There are too many times to count where my chef has said to me “I have an idea” or better yet ‘I had a dream…”. My chef does not have ordinary ideas or normal dreams; all still pastry related of course. Trust me, sometimes his ideas or dreams sound so out there, way too complicated, or just…weird. After seeing the successful outcome (by many trials) of some of his ideas, looking back at the developing stages seem so much more rewarding when you see the outcome. This was one of those “I have an idea” and my classification of- sounds too complicated, but it worked. In fact it worked itself into the menu and tasting menu (in a miniature form) as well.

This is the ‘Rhubarb and goat cheese dessert”.

*Main flavours- Rhubarb/goatcheese/fennel/peppercorn/

*Flavours for depth-red wine/pomegranate/ anise/orange cells

The complicated component- the lattice on top.

This is where we take rhubarb, peel them into strips, cut them into the thinnest pieces possible. Poach them in a peppercorn, pomegranate syrup. Then painstakingly align them to make a lattice. The aligning part after a numbing back, gets a bit calming after awhile I must admit. No matter how ‘fast’ you try…it still takes a ‘few’ hours to make. The next step for lattice(s) is for them to dehydrate. This is so that the strips can dry together and form a beautiful solid lattice. It also adds a nice crunch to the dessert.  Next step- trimming the lattice, without breaking the lattices of course. All so that our guests have the pleasure of cracking the lattice over their rhubarb and goat cheese fondants. Thus creating a beautifully balanced dessert of flavours and textures. Honestly after dinning at the restaurant and enjoying this dessert, it was worth it. Probably my favourite dessert, minus the labour that it required. Visually it was beautiful, something I’ve never seen or anyone who has tried it. Even the technique is something new and probably has never been done before- which in itself is crazy. And from a photographer’s point of view it was neat to photograph as well. Out of crazy idea birthed this beautiful dessert.~

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